Renner uses the world famous in ground chassis Dyno from Dynojet

Prices and Fees:

Baseline Run $85 (with Boost and AFR)
Boost Tuning (only boost) $200
Fuel controllers $200
Piggyback Tuning $300
COBB, JB4 $300
Open Source $500
HalTech, AEM Standalone Engine Management $600
Race gas Oxygen Sensor fee $50 (Race Gas degrades wideband O2 sensors)

If Renner Staff happen to find boost/vac leak excessive oil leaks or immediate repairs are necessary before tuning customer will be notified prior to repair

Dyno rental:

Dyno rental with Renner Staff Tie down and operates car customer tunes own car $150/hr
Dyno rental without our Staff $400 for 4 hrs
Dyno rental without our Staff $800 for 8 hrs
Multiple vehicles fee of $100

Dyno Runs3 Pull Dyno Run with wide-band O2 sensors and Boost $85

Testing and/or tuning on Renner motorsport DynoJet Dynometer will push your vehicle to its mechanical limits.  You (the undersigned customer) assume all the risks and liabilities associated with testing and tuning your engine to the mechanical limits.  Renner Motorsport cannot guarantee that your engine, powertrain, or complete car will be capable of handling the stresses incurred without the potential for costly failure.  Under NO circumstances is Renner Motorsport liable for ANY damages to your engine, powertrain, or any part of the vehicle incurred during or after your vehicle is tested and/or tuned on our Dyno